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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Just found out reciently that my favorite Manga is being picked up again. I am talking about Yami no Matsuei AKA Descendants of Darkness. It is a manga by Yoko Matsushita For more info visit this link:

It had suddenly stopped at vol 11

I also found this other link it is a site where I found the information there is a link to scans of the next vol 12. It is in Japanese so I am unalble to read it. I do hope that the US copany that published it (Viz) qill pick it up again. Although according to these the Author’s style has changed some but that would be expected (At least in my mind) since she had suffered a wrist injury.

There is also an anime about the series of Manga and found out that the band that did the opening theme Called Eden has a myspace. I like all the stuff they have there but as far as I can tell there is no info on if and when An album will be released. I love the instrmental verson of Eden. You can found out about the anime by looking at the wikipedia link posted above.

This book was recomended by a family member so I borrowed their copy and read it. At first I was a bit confused cause I believe that it is part of  the Discworld series written by Mr. Pratchett. It involves humans werewolfs and dawrfs as well as vampires.  Captain Samuel Vimes is sent to Uberwald Where they mine fat,gold and iron.  Because a pice of Uberwald history has been stolen the scone of stone. (It is veery important to the dawrfs. and he is sennt there to find out who did it as well as go to a function and represent his people. (The people of Ankh-Morpork) There is a long chase where vimes is being chased by werewolfs. I found this part of the book paticular intresting. There isn’t tp much more that I can say about this book cause I don’t want to give it away. To me it was a bit confusing but once you get into it it becomes a bit more understandable. I’m sure it would have made more sense if I read the whole series. I do not know where this book falls in the series.