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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Here is some background on the series. 22 years ago Sam and Dean’s mother was killed by a mysterious demonic supernatural force. In the years that followed her death their father John Winchester taught his sons about the paranormal force that hides in the darkness and on the streets of America… and taught them how to kill it. Now the boys travel the states in a 1967 Black Chevrolet Impala.  That was given to dean by their father.

There are references to various episodes in the series. Including fellow cast members chacters such as bobby singer Ash ect.

The Winchester brothers find themselves in New York City. A friend of Ash’s has a ghost haunting his house. The Boys are there to rid the house of its ghost. Although at some points it is hard for Dean to keep his mind on the Job at hand because of the massive record colection this man has and Dean is amazed by it.  As they are working on this case they stumble onto another one. Strange Murders have been happening in the big apple.  Two by a  Mysterious killing orangutan. Who or what is responisble? It is up to Dean and Sam to Find out!