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Monthly Archives: December 2009

SUPERNATURAL: Bone Key by Keith R.A. Decandido

Here is some background on the series. 22 years ago Sam and Dean’s mother was killed by a mysterious demonic supernatural force. In the years that followed her death their father John Winchester taught his sons about the paranormal force that hides in the darkness and on the streets of America… and taught them how to kill it. Now the boys travel the states in a 1967 Black Chevrolet Impala.  That was given to dean by their father.

Sam and Dean Winchester head to Key West Florida home to huirricanes, sun and sand. Home to Poet Earnest Hemingway and demons. Lots of demons. The main money earnerfor Key West were ghost tours. The tours have stopped since a gide was founf dead of a a parant heart attack . His facial features frozen in a scream. The cause is unknown. It is up to the Winchester brithers to find out.

They will face the islands most infamous ghosts eho have lived in Key West, A demon pair with a hidden agenda. As well as a mysterious ancient  power looking for revenge  looking for those who they believed wronged them. Sam and Dean must save the people of Key West before the island is reduced to a pile of bones.

The author who wrote his first supernatural novel NEVERMORE He has again provided a list of music to listen to  as you read the novel.

Side note: I have found out on Amazon that there are more Novels to come. IN 2010! 🙂