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Monthly Archives: April 2010

A book based on the CW series Supernatural.  When Castiel alerts the Winchesters of brutal killings in Chinatown that the Heart of the Dragon a acient evil has been released. It is up to the Winchesters to do what their parents and Grandparents were unable to. This book gives you some  insight to Mary and her parents (the Cambells). I  liked this novel because of that point. If you watch the series I believe that you will enjoy this book. I have not come across a Supernatural  novel that I haven’t  enjoyed.

Supernatural Novels

The Bone Key  Keith R.A. Decandid0
Bone Key Keith R.a. Decandido

Nevermore  Keith R.a. Decandido

Witches Canyon Jeff Mariotte

War at the sons  Rebecca Dessertine AUGEST 24th



I first heard of Cesar threw a family member and then rented the first few seasons of the Dog Whisperer. I was amazed at what I saw and then went out and bought his first book Cesar’s way. Then I bought this one and by reading it it helped me understand his philosophy even better. I am using it with my to Dachshunds.  I do as much as I can with them. I have some mobility issues. It does really help with such a stubborn breed. Although they are quite lovable they can be a handful at times. 🙂 Following his rules is a good way to try and help your dog. I look forward to getting How to raise the perfect dog:Threw Puppyhood and beyond.

To learn more about Cesar go to

I learned of  The Bone Collector by seeing the film starring Denzel Washington.  When I saw in the credits that it was based on a novel, my first thought was oh great yet another movie based on a novel. To my surprise I really enjoyed the movie and kept the title in the back of my mind. I was in one of those whole sale clubs looking at the books as I often do and to my surprise when I saw it. It was the only copy so I grabbed it.

Amelia sachs is on patrol  and comes across a situattion a hand is reaching out from under the surrounding gravel. She rushes to the area only to find out it is a victim who had gone missing and is now found dead under the rail road tracks With one finger stripped to the bone.

The NYPD calls in the former head of forensics Lincoln Rhyme who now writes and is a Quadriplegic only able to move one finger, now unable to walk the grid and come out with a profile of the killer.  A man with a brilliant mind is now strapped to a bed no longer wanting to live. Will the team that he assembles be able to find the killer before he stricks again?

below is the list of Novels With Lincoln Rhyme. To find out more info on the them and other series by Jeffery Deaver visit his site

The Bone Collector (1997)
The Coffin Dancer (1998)
The Empty Chair (2000)
The Stone Monkey (2002)
The Vanished Man (2003)
The Twelfth Card (2005)
The Cold Moon (2006)
The Broken Window (2008)
The Burning Wire (Coming June 1, 2010)