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Monthly Archives: May 2010

3rd book in the series 1947

Alec still dreams of owning a race horse. He dreams of the Black who is now back in Arabia with his owner. He dreams of what he will do with the colt from the Black that was promised to him by the true owner of the magnificent Black Stallion. When the colt arrives Alec and his father along with their trainer Henry Dailey. As soon as Henry sets his eyes on the fiery colt he sees a savageness deep within  him.

Something that is darker than his sire the Black. He is bulkier than his sire will he have the speed of his sire? Will the Son of the black be a racehorse?

If you are someone who loves horses you will enjoy this series. I know I do. 🙂

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The 2nd book in the Black Stallion Series 1945

The Black is off for his second heart stopping adventure. Two men arrive at the Daily barn one tries to kill the Black! The other claims to be the rightful owner of the powerful sleek stallion. Showing proof of ownership of the Black a Arab chieftain takes the Black to the deserts of Arabia. Alec does not want to loose the Black. He will do anything to get the Black back. Even going to Arabia to get him back.

Next review will be of SON OF THE BLACK STALLION

The Black Stallion book 1 in the series 1941

The Black Stallion is one of the most recognized fictional horses. While on the Drake on his way home to New York from visiting  a uncle in India. Alec comes across a wild stallion that has been loaded onto the ship. Nightly he would visit and give him a lump of sugar.

After the Drake goes down in a storm Alec and the Black are the only survivors. After they wash ashore on a island can young Alec Ramsay tame the stallion who saved him so they will survive until help arrives? If you would like to find out more info on THE BLACK STALLION SERIES visit