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Monthly Archives: June 2010

5th book in the Series 1949

Satan has just won the triple crown. Alec is pleased that the son of the magnificent black stallion won the crown. Although he still misses the Black (The Stallion that saved his life.)

News comes from Arabia that Ibu Ishak (The true owner of the Black) has died do to a fall from the stallion. It is his final wish that Alec become the owner of the Black.

Time comes for the international cup which has the best horses in the world. The Black and Satan are entered in this race. After having to miss the race do to the possibility of a deadly virus. As they wait for the results Alec will get a chance do to a forest fireto see who is faster the Black or Satan?

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4th Book in the series 1948

Steve and a friend who is a archeologist go to a remote island in the Caribbean. Before they reach the islandĀ  There he is told of a horse round up of sorts that is done every year by the archeologist friend on one of the main islands. Steve is then reminded of dreams he had as a child wanting a wild fiery red stallion of his own. He has always loved horses.

They come across an inner valley behind the rock walls of the island. There is another band of wild horses. The leader is a fiery strong sleek stallion. Steve’s stallion. Steve sets out on a journey to befriend the stallion. Has he found the horse of his dreams?

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