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Monthly Archives: July 2010

7th Book in the Series 1951

We join Steve and Flame once more for another adventure on Azul Island. The Island with the golden rock walls. Steve watches as Flame and the Band run free in the valley. While Pitch works on his book as well as finding artifacts. There peaceful paradise will soon become a nightmare. A stranger finds out about the hidden valley. There is a fight. Will Flame the fiery red stallion survive to rule protect the band or will he succumb to the strangers will to break him? This is a dramatic story of the struggle between man and beast.  I was truly surprised threw out the reading of this book. Mr Farley sure has a way of drawing you into the story. I felt as though I was there with Flame and the band.

For more info on Flame, The Black visit: for more info on the books and more.


The 6th Book in ther series 1951

In this book we follow Tom Mesenger who helps trainer Jimmy Creech train Bonfire the second son of the Black and Queen who is owned by Jimmy. We follow Tom as he makes contact with the colt after his birth. He halter breaks and gentles him for his upcoming training to be a Harness racer. Tom learns everything about the sport from Jimmy and his partner. Will Bonfire have the speed that Jimmy is hoping for from being sired by the Black? When Jimmy falls ill it is up to Tom to race Bonfire. Will Bonfire have the speed to Win?

Reading this book made me want to learn more about harness racing. Below is a link I found.

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