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Monthly Archives: August 2010

8th in the series 1952

Is it possible for a filly to win the Kentucky Derby? This is the question that was asked in this fast paced action packed story about the Black stallion’s first filly Black Minx. Alec is doing what he loves, breeding and training horses with his friend Henry Daily. Hopeful Farms has become a reality. The Black and Satan are the the start of the Breeding stock.

As Henry is looking for mares for the farm he comes across Black Minx. He has hopesĀ  for the filly on the track. Do to her past she is wary of the track and the things that go along with life on the track.

After Henry works on gentling her and she becomes accustom to the farm her training as a racehorse begins. Between the stallions mares and weanling and other duties Alec helps with her training. Henry believes that she can race in the Derby. Alec has his doubts. She dosen’t seem to have the heart or speed of her sire… the Black! Besides only one filly has ever beaten the colts in the Kentucky Derby and that was Regret in 1915! Can Black Minx win the Derby and go into the record books? For more info on The Black Stallion and Walter Farley visit: www.

Other Links that might inetrest you: Pic of Ruffian to give you an idea of what Black Minx looks like info on Ruffian info on Regret

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