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Monthly Archives: September 2010

11th book in the Series 1955

We join Steve and Flame on Azul Island for another fantastic adventure. Steve is alone With  Flame and his band After seeing a poster for an international horse race Steve dreams of  what it would be like to race Flame against the fastest horses in the world. One night as Steve is watching the band and the band becomes agitated. Suddenly a bright lite streaks across the night sky. Was it a meator  or something else?

Later Steve finds himself at the race Can Flame win against the fastest horses in the world?

At first when I began reading this novel I found the story a bit strange. The more I read the more I understood. This is Mr. Farley’s only dive into the world of science fiction.

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10th Book in the Series 1954

In this story we follow the other Son of the famous sire the Black, Bonfire. As they prepare for the Hambletonian a race for three year old Harness racing. It is the equivalent of the Kentucky Derby for race horses. Alec is watching Bonfire and his driver Tom Messenger in a prep race when there is a accident. Alec stays to help Bonfire overcome his fear. Wile Tom is in th hospital recovering from his injuries in the accident Alec takes up the reins. With the help of George (who helps with Bonfire) and Henry will they have the colt ready for the biggest race in his life. Will the blood bay colt have what it takes to race and win?

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9th Book in the Series 1953

The Black becomes savagely wild and attempts to fight and Satan to the death! Alec and Henry then decide that the Back needs to be alone and run free as he had done in Arabia. Alec and the Black set out to Wyoming. While on the flight the Black becomes ill and the plane crashes. After emerging from the wreckage Alec and the Black become separated. Alec can’t remember himself or his horse! Will they find there way out of the wilderness and be reunited with one another? Or will the Black be lost in the Wyoming wilderness?

This is another one of the novels that grips you and takes you along for the ride. I believe that this would be a good book to be turned into a film.

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