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Monthly Archives: November 2010

2nd Book in the Dexter series

We join Miami blood spatter analyst Dexter Morgan as by day he analyzes murder scenes but by night we follow him and his Dark Passenger as they stock¬† the moon lit nights for their next victim. The Need grows with each passing day. The “victim” must meet Dexters adoptive father Harry’s code.

Dexter is called in to a crime scene where the victims were staged alive but with various body parts missing. As the investigation proceeds Dexter learns that he is being watched by an police officer from the same precinct. This officer sees threw Dexter’s mask. Dexter finds himself visiting his girlfriend Rita to show the officer that he leads a normal life. How far will his relationship with Rita progress?¬† As the feds jin in on the case will Dexter be able to satisfy his Dark Passenger?

I do not want to give to much away? I hope I have succeded in that. you can find my blog for dexter here

It is a series on Showtime.