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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Companion season 4

I love reading these books. They tell you all kinds of behind the scene information from pretty much everyone on the cast as well as the crew. The actors Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki and Jim Beaver and Misha Collins. As well as the series Creator Eric Kerpike. It lists All the episodes for season four. Season four had a bit of sadness, Kim Manners executive producer, co executive producer, and Director passed away. He also Worked on the X Files.

Some of the behind the scene information includes How they do stunts.  There are Side Notes about the Music played in a episodes as well as other little secrets.That it is filmed in Vancouver Canada. When Dean comes out of the grave and he is covered in Dirt it is actually crushed up Oreo Cookies! How they come up with each episode. Jared and Jensen do some of their own stunts.  In season four we are introduced to many new characters One of whom is Castiel (Misha Collins) who is a Angel.

I loved the fact that Mitch Pileggi joined the cast as Sam and Dean’s Grandfather and we got to find out a little bit more about Mary and John. I’ll just put it this way, if you are A fan of Supernatural buy these books. No fan should be without them!

You can find these books at your local book store or on

SEASON 6 Companion will be released on Sep 27th 2011 ! (According to


2nd book by Richard Castle

When Cassidy Towne,New York’s most vicious gossip columnist is found dead, it is up to Niki and the rest at the precinct to comb through the long list of high-profile suspects one of which is Jameson Rook.  The Murder investigation gets complicated when she is thrown together with Rook after their recent break up. Niki would not rather deal with rook right now.  Who is responsable is it the pro athlete or the politicians or the singer? Read Naked Heat to find the answers to these questions and more.  To find out more about Richard Castle and The Tv Series CASTLE visit I do my best to try to not give too much away With each post. I hope I am succeeding. The amazon link below is for Richard Castle’s next hook Heat Rises which can now be pre-order