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Monthly Archives: June 2011

As the Book says it follows the Webseries of the same name. Although I never got to see it on the web. I was able to see it on DVD and loved it. I am a fan of Joss’s work. Includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Serenity(Which follows after Firefly ended)¬† I knew I needed to get the DVD. For those of you who may not know the back story it is about How Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris A.K.A. NPH, How I Met Your Mother) wants to get into the evil league of evil Which is headed by Bad Horse. As well as for him to tell Penny (Felicia Day The Guild) that he likes her. Of course we can not forget his nemesis Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion Firefly,Castle)

Now Back to the book. The layout is nice. The book features the full script sheet music All I need to do know is learn to read it and play it ūüôā and Lyrics for all the songs. The Forward is by Captain Hammer he has a real time recalling Penny’s name! The afterward is by NPH. It is printed on thick glossy paper and has never before seen pictures.

This has completed my Dr Horrible Collection. Below are the links to the DVD OR Blu-Ray, Soundtrack, and the book on AMAZON!






12th book in the series

Hopeful Farms suffers a terrible  loss when one of the barns is lost in a blaze! Can the Black come out of retirement and win the money needed to rebuild the barn. Can he beat the younger horses that he will race against in the Brooklyn Handicap?

The Black is out to stud and has sired some amazing horses. His son Satan and his daughter Black Minx who when we last saw her she had won the Kentucky Derby. Does she have the speed and want to finish her run for the triple crown. (The Preakness and the Belmount stakes.) Has Black Minx found love?

For more information on the Black Stallion series and Walter Farley and a just all around fun site

Also a new Book by Steven Farley will be released on june  28!  THE BLACK STALLION AND THE LOST CITY

First book in the series

This book is based off the USA Network Series Burn Notice  it follows Michael Weston a spy (Who drives a awsome 1974 Dodge  Charger!) who has received a Burn Notice from the government, no job no money and has been dumped in Miami FL. With the help of his ex-girlfriend Fiona and friend Sam (Who has informed on him to the F.B.I. ) and his family (When he is desperate) He hopes to track down those responsible for his Burn Notice.

In this first novel in the series we follow Michael as he helps Cricket O’Connor After she falls for a man who has returned from a hush-hush mission¬† from the government who suddenly disappears along with her money! Is he the man she thinks he is? Will Michael be¬† able to find him along with the money? Also Someone¬† in our government has hired a assassin to kill Michael To Find out more on the on the books visit the PUBLISHER’S site

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