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Monthly Archives: July 2011

First three books in the series in one volume!

The Vampire files Volume 1 Blood List by P.N Elrod

In the first novel we meet Mr. Jonathan Flemming, ace reporter in Chicago Summer of 1936. You see Jack has a condition. Some one is out to get Jack. They are looking¬† With the help of Escott a Private Investigator will Jack Find those who killed him. Jack is also looking for someone the beautiful Maureen whom he loves and is responsable for his condition. Will he locate her? I really don’t want to give too much away I know I have said that before¬† to find out more info on
P.N Elrod and the Vampire Files

If you like detective novels and vampires you may like these books. These blog posts refer to the Volumes and not the original releases caused I missed them so When I saw this I was very excited because I had only found out about these novels when I found one in the bargain bin at Barnes and Noble.Right now I only have the first 2 volumes when I get the others there will be posts about them as well. Below are the links for Amazon.