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Monthly Archives: August 2011

                                                                                         Life Blood

First three books in the series in one volume!

There is a bank robbery and  Jack tells Bobbi of Maureen Escott  has discifered the list we found out about in Bloodlist. There are 200 names of people with skeltons in their closet. Consists of  politicians, cops, lawyers ect. Escott has business in New York using money from a pervious case. Jack is at a farm his family  owns getting some “Home Earth” when he sees that someone is following him. We then learn that Jack had talked to a man called Braxton  Who had helped Jack with some research that he was doing on Vampires. Braxton is a vampire hunter and comes after Jack. Someone calls Jack saying  that they may have information on Maureen. Jack meets up with a new vampire.  Bobbi gets kidnapped can Jack save her?

P.N Elrod and the Vampire Files