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Monthly Archives: November 2011

season 6 Companion

Supernatural is one of the greatest shows on the CW! I know that I am one of the many who look forward to 9pm on Friday nights. I look forward to reading each companion when I get my hands on them As I have stated in previous posts these books have all kinds of behind the scenes information on how things are done on the show as well as a episode guide. There are Did You Know Side notes like Jensen Ackles golfs! I never pictured him as a golfer. Weekend at Bobby’s was Jensen’s directing debut. Two of the Writers that were involved in writing scripts in season 6 were Eric Chamelo and Nicole wrote a Spec script called Ringer that is now a series on the CW as well on tuesdays nights at  9pm. In Live free and Twi-hard we find out that a executive producer on True Blood use to write on Supernatural. Also they were told that they needed to cut down on the  beheadings  but it was okay to hear it. In Clap your hands if you  Believe Composer Jay Gruska talks about using snippets of the themes from the X files and Close Encounters of the third kind, those themes are so well known you have to preform them from far away because if you get to close to the actual notes of those themes you could have a law suit on your hands. He did what was necessary and to him it sounded as if it would work but it came back that it wasn’t far enough from the originals he had to do it all over again. The French Mistake:in Depth is the episode where Dean and Sam come into our reality, Jensen and Jared were brought in on the pitching stage.

There are also color photos as well. There are character profiles as well. These books as well as Supernatural novels are released threw Titan. If your a fan of the series Pick them up. Or if your new to the Supernatural universe look into the DVDs or Blu Rays. You can find all them either on Amazon or at your local Bookstore.


VOL 2 Art in the blood. Fire in the blood, Blood on the water

Art in the blood

An artist friend of Bobbi’s has his own gallery. As Jack and Bobbi are at a party Jack meets another artist Sandra and her gambling brother Evan. He also meets Alex Adrain who is accused of murdering his wife. The artist friend of Alex finds his sister dead and they think the gambler Evan is responsible for Sandra’s death. Jack’s hunger for blood  intensifies. Bobbi wants to follow Jack to the stockyards to see what Jack goes threw in his life as a vampire. I know I am not saying much for this one but I read it some time ago.

Volume 2 Book 2: Fire in the Blood

Escott and Jack are on a new case. They are in search of a missing family heirloom. A father finds that a bracelet is missing. The Father has the Daughter followed. The daughter realizes that Jack is following her but neither of them wants the other to know that they know. (That sentence sure is a tongue  twister) One of their suspects Stan is found dead by his girlfriend.  A photographer doreen knew that he was hustling money.and knew that  was a mobster/lone shark is believed to be involved.  Jack succumbs to his hunger and feeds off a human! Feeling bad after he must deal with the consequences of his actions.

Volume 2  Book 3: Blood on the Water
The mob is once again after Jack and Escott. They are trying to locate a bracelet that is worth 15 thousand dollars! he is told by the mob that he is to leave town or die. He is then put in the middle of a war between to mob boss’s. Someone wants him dead. He sees someone that he thought he would see again. Can Jack save himself as well as his friends?

If you like Vampire novels and etective novels you will enjoy these books. I recomend that you pick up these books. To find out more on the Series as well as it’s author

visit: P.N Elrod and the Vampire Files