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Monthly Archives: December 2011


This is a book that is part prequel as well as a resource guide. It covers the following years 1983-2005. I believe that it covers the first few seasons. On December 2nd 1883 (Sammy’s Birthday) the Winchester brothers lost their mother by a demonic/supernatural force. After this terrible tragedy John Winchester sets out to hunt down whatever monster killed his wife Mary. We learn what john learned as heĀ  become a hunter. We learn the exorcism that was used in Phantom traveler (Season 1 Episode 4) Some things that are in the book are as follows,How to deal with Vampires and what they are called in other languages. The Windeigo, Poltergeist and Samuel colt as well as Colts demon killing gun. As well as that something is after Sam! We find that John gave Dean the Impala on his 18th Birthday(Jan 24th 1997) and How he did his best to raise his boys while being a hunter. As of the posting of the entry the book is available on Amazon