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Monthly Archives: November 2012


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkin
The Fellowship of the Ring Illustrated by Alan Lee Published by Houghton Miffin Company This review is about those editions that were published in 2002. As I am sure that many of you know this story has been in publication for many years. It was written in stages from 1937-1949 and published in 1954-1955. At least that is what it said on wikipedia) I am sure that you are also aware of the films released in 2001,2002 and 2003. I enjoyed them a lot and that is what reminded me of the books which I had never read (Until Now:) So when I found these hardcover editions at barnes and noble I picked them up. I have yet to read The Hobbit but in this edition there was a summary of Bilbo’s journey so that was nice.  I can’t wait for the The Hobbit series also by Peter  Jackson (I didn’t know that was going to be a series of movies as well until I looked it up for this blog post). I do have to admit that these books were a great read but at times I was a bit confused. Mr. Tolkin has a way of drawing the reader into the story and you feel as though you are part of the company. The brief  history of the hobbit tells of Bilbo’s Finding of the Ring and of his encounter with Gollum and how he wants back his Precious! How Hobbits live in holes and mostly keep to themselves. Bilbo has a plan for after his birthday. You see hobbits give presents to others on there own birthdays.
Years after Bilbo’s party Gandalf returns to the Shire because Bilbo has left the ring to his nephew Frodo. Gandalf tells Frodo of the magical powers it possess, how the ring bearer does not age,die or can become invisible. The ring gradually gains control over the one who possess it. The lord Sauron who in a earlier age created the one Ring to rule all the others His ultimate weapon to rule Middle-Earth. As well as the lore of the ring and how Gollum is still in search of his precious.
Along with Frodo comes fellow hobbits Samwise, Merry and Pippen to make there way to Mordor so the One Ring can be destroyed. As they make there way to Rivendale They meet up with Strider who helps the hobbits on there journey. He friends the hobbits and tells Frodo all he knows of the Ring. The Black Riders who work for Sauron are drawn to the rings Power. The urge to slip on the Ring overcomes him and he slips it on and see the true ghostly image of the Black Riders.  They make it to Rivendale and here the story of the forging of the ring from Elrod the leader of the Elfs. Elrod brings in Aragon, Gimli a dwarf and Boromir a Man fron Gondor, Legolas an elven Prince and of course Gandalf  to join the Company of Hobbits on there journey to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. Gollum is also on the trail Aragon captures Gollum and the elfs Lock him away but he later escapes and tracks his precious. A member of the Company turns on Frodo and tries to steal the ring.  Frodo needs to make a decision  What will he decide?


Frodo  and Sam have gone missing after Frodo has gone off to think. Merry and Pippen decide to go look for there friends and head off  into the woods. The rest of the Company then have to go in search of the hobbits. The Company battle orcs. Merry and Pippen later find themselves lost in the woods and meet up with Treebeard of the Ents which are tree beings of the forest. The Ents are on there way to Isenguard but once there they have a battle on there hands as they are trying to reach the gates of Isenguard. Many men of Rohan and orcs are lost in the battle. The Company reunites with two of the missing Hobbits. Sauron’s Power is spreading. Pippen get his hands on a ord that sees far away and ir makes him  ill.
Frodo,Sam and Gollum continue on there Journey to the gates of Mordor. With Gollum’s help they find away past  the many orc guards. Sam is ever weary of Gollum he believes he is up to something but is unsure of what it may be. It is a weary Journey for the two hobbits. As they Draw closer to where the ring was forged it begins to weighs heavily on Frodo. Sam offers to take the burden but Frodo insists it his his to bear alone. Gollum disappears into the darkness and then there path is blocked by a large Spider like creature, Shelob Will they be able to defeat her and continue there Journey?


The Company is in the land of Rohan. Merry offers his services to King Theoden. The men of Gondor and Rohan have joined together to help in the Fight against the Evil that continues to spread. Merry feels that since all of his friends have gone off aside from his services to the king he would like to help in the fight The king has asked him to stay with his daughter as he goes off to lead his men.. With the help of a rider in the Kings charge Merry is able to be on the front lines of the battle. Aragon has gone off to the path of the dead (From which no one has returned)  to recruit more men for the fight to save middle-Earth.

Pippen is in Minas Tirith  with Gandalf  has helped fight off the Black Riders and orcs that have taken over the outer wall of Minas Tirith. The men of Rohan have entered the land of Gondor. Sam and Frodo fight Shelob During the fight Frodo is injured and then taken by orcs. Sam fears that his master and friend is dead but he will do whatever he can to save him. Will Sam be able to do so and will they be able to destroy The Ring and safe Middle-Earth?

As I stated before I am sure that many people know of the Story and I did my best to not give away to much but making you (the reader) interested in reading this amazing tale of Fantasy. Pick up your copies today and dive into the amazing tale of Middle-Earth that J.R.R.Tolkien has given to the world of literature.