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Annabelle's Boots by Nicole Donoho

Annabelle’s Boots by Nicole Donoho

Annabelle’s Boots by Nicole donoho Quite an interesting read. It is about a young woman named Annabelle Wesley who designs and makes boots in her shop. a New York store wants to buy her designs and get her shoes into there many stores. Can the company get ms Wesley to sign a contract? Annabelle has to confront her past in order to help her future and herself. I was surprised by the ending and was like that’s it! There could be more but that of course is up to the author. I found this book hard to put down cause I really wanted to find out what had happened to her in her life. The book is on amazon in paperback \ It is also on the kindle format

Frozen Heat by Richard Castle

Frozen Heat by Richard Castle

Frozen Heat by Richard Castle Detective Heat gets called in on a case where a woman is found murdered and stuffed into a suitcase. The kicker here is that as she examines the case she feels as though that she has seen it somewhere before. After taking a closer look she sees that there is a name on the case and that name is Cynthia Heat. This case had belonged to her mother! We find that as the story progresses that deceive heats mother knew the victim. How is this possible? I really can’t say much more without giving a lot of the story away. One thing I can say is that I was surprised at what has happened. Also the story doesn’t end there. It is a cliff hanger of sorts and resumes in Deadly Heat. To find out more info on the series you can search on Or visit Richard Castle’s Website of the Derrick storm novels are also coming into print as well. I can’t say anything for those or the five part graphic novel as I have yet to own or read them. There are also some mini e books as well. Didn’t know about them either. There is also a graphic novel. You can also buy the separately I believe

Deadly Heat by Richard Castle

Deadly Heat by Richard Castle

Deadly Heat by Richard Castle Is the sequel following Frozen Heat. The case continues and adjective heat follows the trail after the CIA man who ordered her mothers murder. As she continues with the case she was put on the case of a man who was found dead in a pizza oven. After the body is removed a rat with a pice of string attached is found. What could this mean?As they investigate they find that the man was a health inspector. Then a man calls taking responsibility only wanting to talk to Heat a After reading of the great detective in a article written by journalist Jameson Rook. Then another person is killed and another string Is found of a different color now a serial killer is out there stalking the people of New York and the same man calls again calling himself rainbow. Now Heat and her team have to find him before he strikes again. Now Heat has to juggle the two cases. Nikki also finds out more information about her mothers murder.As I have said before I don’t want to give to much away but I was surprised again at the ending. If you enjoy the tv series castle and like murder mysteries most likely you will enjoy this series of books. Find out more on the Heat series here Here is the link for the kindle edition of Deadly Heat. The next book in the Nikki Heat Series is Raging Heat to be released on September 16,2014 To find out more on the series CASTLE


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