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Monthly Archives: August 2014

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Ranma 1/2 volume 1 – 4 By Rumiko Takahashi

Is about a boy Ranma Saotome who does martial arts and is training in China with his father. He and his father fall into two separate cursed springs. His father falls in spring of drowned panda. Ranma falls into the spring of drowned girl. Then they are off to Japan to visit friend of ran as father and Ranma and the youngest daughter of the Akane Tendo find out that they are engaged to each other but they want nothing to co with each other. Do to the cursed springs now every time ranma or his father Are splashed with cold water they change. Not does ranma only have to deal with the fact that he is engaged to Akane but Various people are after him for various reasons.
I will now list the characters:
Ranma Saotome- girl
Ganma Saotome -panda
Akane Tendo
Shampoo- cat
Ryoga Hibiki-pig P-chan
Note: the last 3 make there appearance in volume 4. My volume 4 has ranma in cat outfit. Of course there are also Akane’s father and sisters. There is also a class members( Kuno) Akane’s wants to date her but he would also like to with the pigtailed girl aka Ranma. Kuno’s sister wants Ranma. There is more of course but I don’t want to give to much away. The good news is that the manga is back in print with two volumes in one book.

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Here is the link for DVDs and blu rays which need to be bought separately of course