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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Although the Blizzard was canceled today, (we still had standing water all over this morning), it was a wonderful day for Harmony Farms. Our fabulous (I cannot sing their praises too much) volunteers were there and ready to help with any chores or people who showed up, and show up they did.
Canceling a fundraiser is tough because you cannot notify everyone who plans to attend, so we appreciate everyone understanding.
However, we left the gate open and about 50 people made their way into the barn to see the horses, buy some treats for the horses, buy some wreaths & ornaments and best of all, leave some donations.

So while we did not raise the money we usually do, all donations are appreciated and needed. We left today with $581 for a non-event!
Thank you Brevard!

We will be announcing another date for the Blizzard in January with the theme of a winter carnival, so keep checking.

Yay was glad to hear this

For more info on the organization check out


Looking for worthwhile cause to donate to this holiday season?

I am a rider at a not for profit volunteer based organization Harmony Farms. Improving the lives of people disabilities threw interaction with horses. I have been riding there for over twenty years and my riding skills have improved greatly over the years. If we had not heard of Harmony Farms by reading an article in the local paper I believe I would never ridden horses.
Tomorrow is the annual Blizzard at the Barn which helps to raise funds for Harmony Farms! There are kind and gentle volunteers here as well as knowledgable instructors. Along with the gentle giants that we ride each week.

To find out more visit:

Peanut is a dog that was found down in a area known as the Stick Marsh do to the kindness of some Good Samaritans she was taken in. To find out the whole story on this kind and gentle dog visit:

To donate if you can visit:

The Facebook page

Sign the petition:

I understand that it being the holiday season that times are tough but if you are unable to help please share this information to help spread the word about these great causes. I thank you greatly.

Peanut update: she is getting media attention!!! She still needs our help!! If anything please share and sign the petition!

Below is the link to the petition keep the signatures coming on 4,927 keep sharing!

Facebook as well here is the go fundme page.