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Although the Blizzard was canceled today, (we still had standing water all over this morning), it was a wonderful day for Harmony Farms. Our fabulous (I cannot sing their praises too much) volunteers were there and ready to help with any chores or people who showed up, and show up they did.
Canceling a fundraiser is tough because you cannot notify everyone who plans to attend, so we appreciate everyone understanding.
However, we left the gate open and about 50 people made their way into the barn to see the horses, buy some treats for the horses, buy some wreaths & ornaments and best of all, leave some donations.

So while we did not raise the money we usually do, all donations are appreciated and needed. We left today with $581 for a non-event!
Thank you Brevard!

We will be announcing another date for the Blizzard in January with the theme of a winter carnival, so keep checking.

Yay was glad to hear this

For more info on the organization check out


Looking for worthwhile cause to donate to this holiday season?

I am a rider at a not for profit volunteer based organization Harmony Farms. Improving the lives of people disabilities threw interaction with horses. I have been riding there for over twenty years and my riding skills have improved greatly over the years. If we had not heard of Harmony Farms by reading an article in the local paper I believe I would never ridden horses.
Tomorrow is the annual Blizzard at the Barn which helps to raise funds for Harmony Farms! There are kind and gentle volunteers here as well as knowledgable instructors. Along with the gentle giants that we ride each week.

To find out more visit:

Peanut is a dog that was found down in a area known as the Stick Marsh do to the kindness of some Good Samaritans she was taken in. To find out the whole story on this kind and gentle dog visit:

To donate if you can visit:

The Facebook page

Sign the petition:

I understand that it being the holiday season that times are tough but if you are unable to help please share this information to help spread the word about these great causes. I thank you greatly.

Peanut update: she is getting media attention!!! She still needs our help!! If anything please share and sign the petition!

Below is the link to the petition keep the signatures coming on 4,927 keep sharing!

Facebook as well here is the go fundme page.

Personally I wish there was more I could do to help peanut. I am unable to help with the financial part but I will continue to post the info here and on my blogs to help spread the word about this gentle girl. I saw first hand how gentle she is. She just needs love and understanding. Please donate to the cause and sign the petition.

Help to free this Adorable friendly girl. Her time is running out please sign.

There are other ways to help too!

Help us raise the funds for vet care ect. We are also looking to find her a forever home. She is a sweet girl that was found in the stick marsh in Palm Bay Florida. She is a bit skittish but very sweet we believe that she may have been used as a hunting dog to hunt wild bore due to an injury she had sustained.

Help us to find a forever home for peanut. She is believed to be about 4 years old to find out more and donate please visit the link above. We are doing everything we can to help her but unfortunately we are unable to keep her there is more info on the site

Save peanut!!!

Ranma 1/2 volume 2 Ranma1/2 volume 3 Ranma1/2  volume 4





















Ranma 1/2 volume 1 – 4 By Rumiko Takahashi

Is about a boy Ranma Saotome who does martial arts and is training in China with his father. He and his father fall into two separate cursed springs. His father falls in spring of drowned panda. Ranma falls into the spring of drowned girl. Then they are off to Japan to visit friend of ran as father and Ranma and the youngest daughter of the Akane Tendo find out that they are engaged to each other but they want nothing to co with each other. Do to the cursed springs now every time ranma or his father Are splashed with cold water they change. Not does ranma only have to deal with the fact that he is engaged to Akane but Various people are after him for various reasons.
I will now list the characters:
Ranma Saotome- girl
Ganma Saotome -panda
Akane Tendo
Shampoo- cat
Ryoga Hibiki-pig P-chan
Note: the last 3 make there appearance in volume 4. My volume 4 has ranma in cat outfit. Of course there are also Akane’s father and sisters. There is also a class members( Kuno) Akane’s wants to date her but he would also like to with the pigtailed girl aka Ranma. Kuno’s sister wants Ranma. There is more of course but I don’t want to give to much away. The good news is that the manga is back in print with two volumes in one book.

Here is the link for the


Here is the link for DVDs and blu rays which need to be bought separately of course


Annabelle's Boots by Nicole Donoho

Annabelle’s Boots by Nicole Donoho

Annabelle’s Boots by Nicole donoho Quite an interesting read. It is about a young woman named Annabelle Wesley who designs and makes boots in her shop. a New York store wants to buy her designs and get her shoes into there many stores. Can the company get ms Wesley to sign a contract? Annabelle has to confront her past in order to help her future and herself. I was surprised by the ending and was like that’s it! There could be more but that of course is up to the author. I found this book hard to put down cause I really wanted to find out what had happened to her in her life. The book is on amazon in paperback \ It is also on the kindle format

Frozen Heat by Richard Castle

Frozen Heat by Richard Castle

Frozen Heat by Richard Castle Detective Heat gets called in on a case where a woman is found murdered and stuffed into a suitcase. The kicker here is that as she examines the case she feels as though that she has seen it somewhere before. After taking a closer look she sees that there is a name on the case and that name is Cynthia Heat. This case had belonged to her mother! We find that as the story progresses that deceive heats mother knew the victim. How is this possible? I really can’t say much more without giving a lot of the story away. One thing I can say is that I was surprised at what has happened. Also the story doesn’t end there. It is a cliff hanger of sorts and resumes in Deadly Heat. To find out more info on the series you can search on Or visit Richard Castle’s Website of the Derrick storm novels are also coming into print as well. I can’t say anything for those or the five part graphic novel as I have yet to own or read them. There are also some mini e books as well. Didn’t know about them either. There is also a graphic novel. You can also buy the separately I believe

Deadly Heat by Richard Castle

Deadly Heat by Richard Castle

Deadly Heat by Richard Castle Is the sequel following Frozen Heat. The case continues and adjective heat follows the trail after the CIA man who ordered her mothers murder. As she continues with the case she was put on the case of a man who was found dead in a pizza oven. After the body is removed a rat with a pice of string attached is found. What could this mean?As they investigate they find that the man was a health inspector. Then a man calls taking responsibility only wanting to talk to Heat a After reading of the great detective in a article written by journalist Jameson Rook. Then another person is killed and another string Is found of a different color now a serial killer is out there stalking the people of New York and the same man calls again calling himself rainbow. Now Heat and her team have to find him before he strikes again. Now Heat has to juggle the two cases. Nikki also finds out more information about her mothers murder.As I have said before I don’t want to give to much away but I was surprised again at the ending. If you enjoy the tv series castle and like murder mysteries most likely you will enjoy this series of books. Find out more on the Heat series here Here is the link for the kindle edition of Deadly Heat. The next book in the Nikki Heat Series is Raging Heat to be released on September 16,2014 To find out more on the series CASTLE

skeleton crew. by Stephen King is an okay book to read. It was suggested to me by a friend. While there are some good stories there are also some bad stories in it too. The one I was most interested in was the Mist. I really enjoyed that one. Another one I enjoyed was the monkey. the addition that I am speaking of and this post is in regards to the 1985 hardcover publication. If you like Stephen King you may like this collection of stories. Which is about 20 stories.

Need Help Training Your Dog? Know Someone who Does?

Professional Dog Training Classes

I know that This has nothing to do with book reviews but I am training my own service dog. A friend of the family Liz Gruen is helping us to Train my dog Radar to be a service dog for me He was a dog that we got from I believe the Central Brevard Humane Society. She had picked him out of two or three different dogs. He was not shying away from her and wanted to play. She is Going to be Giving Professional Dog Training Classes From Saturday April 6th-Saturday May 11th in cocoa Florida. Leash and Collars are included in the class! For more information read the flyer below. Hoping This will help to Generate Students for the classes There is a Beginner class as well as an advanced class.