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The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkin
The Fellowship of the Ring Illustrated by Alan Lee Published by Houghton Miffin Company This review is about those editions that were published in 2002. As I am sure that many of you know this story has been in publication for many years. It was written in stages from 1937-1949 and published in 1954-1955. At least that is what it said on wikipedia) I am sure that you are also aware of the films released in 2001,2002 and 2003. I enjoyed them a lot and that is what reminded me of the books which I had never read (Until Now:) So when I found these hardcover editions at barnes and noble I picked them up. I have yet to read The Hobbit but in this edition there was a summary of Bilbo’s journey so that was nice.  I can’t wait for the The Hobbit series also by Peter  Jackson (I didn’t know that was going to be a series of movies as well until I looked it up for this blog post). I do have to admit that these books were a great read but at times I was a bit confused. Mr. Tolkin has a way of drawing the reader into the story and you feel as though you are part of the company. The brief  history of the hobbit tells of Bilbo’s Finding of the Ring and of his encounter with Gollum and how he wants back his Precious! How Hobbits live in holes and mostly keep to themselves. Bilbo has a plan for after his birthday. You see hobbits give presents to others on there own birthdays.
Years after Bilbo’s party Gandalf returns to the Shire because Bilbo has left the ring to his nephew Frodo. Gandalf tells Frodo of the magical powers it possess, how the ring bearer does not age,die or can become invisible. The ring gradually gains control over the one who possess it. The lord Sauron who in a earlier age created the one Ring to rule all the others His ultimate weapon to rule Middle-Earth. As well as the lore of the ring and how Gollum is still in search of his precious.
Along with Frodo comes fellow hobbits Samwise, Merry and Pippen to make there way to Mordor so the One Ring can be destroyed. As they make there way to Rivendale They meet up with Strider who helps the hobbits on there journey. He friends the hobbits and tells Frodo all he knows of the Ring. The Black Riders who work for Sauron are drawn to the rings Power. The urge to slip on the Ring overcomes him and he slips it on and see the true ghostly image of the Black Riders.  They make it to Rivendale and here the story of the forging of the ring from Elrod the leader of the Elfs. Elrod brings in Aragon, Gimli a dwarf and Boromir a Man fron Gondor, Legolas an elven Prince and of course Gandalf  to join the Company of Hobbits on there journey to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. Gollum is also on the trail Aragon captures Gollum and the elfs Lock him away but he later escapes and tracks his precious. A member of the Company turns on Frodo and tries to steal the ring.  Frodo needs to make a decision  What will he decide?


Frodo  and Sam have gone missing after Frodo has gone off to think. Merry and Pippen decide to go look for there friends and head off  into the woods. The rest of the Company then have to go in search of the hobbits. The Company battle orcs. Merry and Pippen later find themselves lost in the woods and meet up with Treebeard of the Ents which are tree beings of the forest. The Ents are on there way to Isenguard but once there they have a battle on there hands as they are trying to reach the gates of Isenguard. Many men of Rohan and orcs are lost in the battle. The Company reunites with two of the missing Hobbits. Sauron’s Power is spreading. Pippen get his hands on a ord that sees far away and ir makes him  ill.
Frodo,Sam and Gollum continue on there Journey to the gates of Mordor. With Gollum’s help they find away past  the many orc guards. Sam is ever weary of Gollum he believes he is up to something but is unsure of what it may be. It is a weary Journey for the two hobbits. As they Draw closer to where the ring was forged it begins to weighs heavily on Frodo. Sam offers to take the burden but Frodo insists it his his to bear alone. Gollum disappears into the darkness and then there path is blocked by a large Spider like creature, Shelob Will they be able to defeat her and continue there Journey?


The Company is in the land of Rohan. Merry offers his services to King Theoden. The men of Gondor and Rohan have joined together to help in the Fight against the Evil that continues to spread. Merry feels that since all of his friends have gone off aside from his services to the king he would like to help in the fight The king has asked him to stay with his daughter as he goes off to lead his men.. With the help of a rider in the Kings charge Merry is able to be on the front lines of the battle. Aragon has gone off to the path of the dead (From which no one has returned)  to recruit more men for the fight to save middle-Earth.

Pippen is in Minas Tirith  with Gandalf  has helped fight off the Black Riders and orcs that have taken over the outer wall of Minas Tirith. The men of Rohan have entered the land of Gondor. Sam and Frodo fight Shelob During the fight Frodo is injured and then taken by orcs. Sam fears that his master and friend is dead but he will do whatever he can to save him. Will Sam be able to do so and will they be able to destroy The Ring and safe Middle-Earth?

As I stated before I am sure that many people know of the Story and I did my best to not give away to much but making you (the reader) interested in reading this amazing tale of Fantasy. Pick up your copies today and dive into the amazing tale of Middle-Earth that J.R.R.Tolkien has given to the world of literature.



This is a book that is part prequel as well as a resource guide. It covers the following years 1983-2005. I believe that it covers the first few seasons. On December 2nd 1883 (Sammy’s Birthday) the Winchester brothers lost their mother by a demonic/supernatural force. After this terrible tragedy John Winchester sets out to hunt down whatever monster killed his wife Mary. We learn what john learned as he  become a hunter. We learn the exorcism that was used in Phantom traveler (Season 1 Episode 4) Some things that are in the book are as follows,How to deal with Vampires and what they are called in other languages. The Windeigo, Poltergeist and Samuel colt as well as Colts demon killing gun. As well as that something is after Sam! We find that John gave Dean the Impala on his 18th Birthday(Jan 24th 1997) and How he did his best to raise his boys while being a hunter. As of the posting of the entry the book is available on Amazon

season 6 Companion

Supernatural is one of the greatest shows on the CW! I know that I am one of the many who look forward to 9pm on Friday nights. I look forward to reading each companion when I get my hands on them As I have stated in previous posts these books have all kinds of behind the scenes information on how things are done on the show as well as a episode guide. There are Did You Know Side notes like Jensen Ackles golfs! I never pictured him as a golfer. Weekend at Bobby’s was Jensen’s directing debut. Two of the Writers that were involved in writing scripts in season 6 were Eric Chamelo and Nicole wrote a Spec script called Ringer that is now a series on the CW as well on tuesdays nights at  9pm. In Live free and Twi-hard we find out that a executive producer on True Blood use to write on Supernatural. Also they were told that they needed to cut down on the  beheadings  but it was okay to hear it. In Clap your hands if you  Believe Composer Jay Gruska talks about using snippets of the themes from the X files and Close Encounters of the third kind, those themes are so well known you have to preform them from far away because if you get to close to the actual notes of those themes you could have a law suit on your hands. He did what was necessary and to him it sounded as if it would work but it came back that it wasn’t far enough from the originals he had to do it all over again. The French Mistake:in Depth is the episode where Dean and Sam come into our reality, Jensen and Jared were brought in on the pitching stage.

There are also color photos as well. There are character profiles as well. These books as well as Supernatural novels are released threw Titan. If your a fan of the series Pick them up. Or if your new to the Supernatural universe look into the DVDs or Blu Rays. You can find all them either on Amazon or at your local Bookstore.

VOL 2 Art in the blood. Fire in the blood, Blood on the water

Art in the blood

An artist friend of Bobbi’s has his own gallery. As Jack and Bobbi are at a party Jack meets another artist Sandra and her gambling brother Evan. He also meets Alex Adrain who is accused of murdering his wife. The artist friend of Alex finds his sister dead and they think the gambler Evan is responsible for Sandra’s death. Jack’s hunger for blood  intensifies. Bobbi wants to follow Jack to the stockyards to see what Jack goes threw in his life as a vampire. I know I am not saying much for this one but I read it some time ago.

Volume 2 Book 2: Fire in the Blood

Escott and Jack are on a new case. They are in search of a missing family heirloom. A father finds that a bracelet is missing. The Father has the Daughter followed. The daughter realizes that Jack is following her but neither of them wants the other to know that they know. (That sentence sure is a tongue  twister) One of their suspects Stan is found dead by his girlfriend.  A photographer doreen knew that he was hustling money.and knew that  was a mobster/lone shark is believed to be involved.  Jack succumbs to his hunger and feeds off a human! Feeling bad after he must deal with the consequences of his actions.

Volume 2  Book 3: Blood on the Water
The mob is once again after Jack and Escott. They are trying to locate a bracelet that is worth 15 thousand dollars! he is told by the mob that he is to leave town or die. He is then put in the middle of a war between to mob boss’s. Someone wants him dead. He sees someone that he thought he would see again. Can Jack save himself as well as his friends?

If you like Vampire novels and etective novels you will enjoy these books. I recomend that you pick up these books. To find out more on the Series as well as it’s author

visit: P.N Elrod and the Vampire Files

                                                                                         Life Blood

First three books in the series in one volume!

There is a bank robbery and  Jack tells Bobbi of Maureen Escott  has discifered the list we found out about in Bloodlist. There are 200 names of people with skeltons in their closet. Consists of  politicians, cops, lawyers ect. Escott has business in New York using money from a pervious case. Jack is at a farm his family  owns getting some “Home Earth” when he sees that someone is following him. We then learn that Jack had talked to a man called Braxton  Who had helped Jack with some research that he was doing on Vampires. Braxton is a vampire hunter and comes after Jack. Someone calls Jack saying  that they may have information on Maureen. Jack meets up with a new vampire.  Bobbi gets kidnapped can Jack save her?

P.N Elrod and the Vampire Files

First three books in the series in one volume!

The Vampire files Volume 1 Blood List by P.N Elrod

In the first novel we meet Mr. Jonathan Flemming, ace reporter in Chicago Summer of 1936. You see Jack has a condition. Some one is out to get Jack. They are looking  With the help of Escott a Private Investigator will Jack Find those who killed him. Jack is also looking for someone the beautiful Maureen whom he loves and is responsable for his condition. Will he locate her? I really don’t want to give too much away I know I have said that before  to find out more info on
P.N Elrod and the Vampire Files

If you like detective novels and vampires you may like these books. These blog posts refer to the Volumes and not the original releases caused I missed them so When I saw this I was very excited because I had only found out about these novels when I found one in the bargain bin at Barnes and Noble.Right now I only have the first 2 volumes when I get the others there will be posts about them as well. Below are the links for Amazon.





As the Book says it follows the Webseries of the same name. Although I never got to see it on the web. I was able to see it on DVD and loved it. I am a fan of Joss’s work. Includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Serenity(Which follows after Firefly ended)  I knew I needed to get the DVD. For those of you who may not know the back story it is about How Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris A.K.A. NPH, How I Met Your Mother) wants to get into the evil league of evil Which is headed by Bad Horse. As well as for him to tell Penny (Felicia Day The Guild) that he likes her. Of course we can not forget his nemesis Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion Firefly,Castle)

Now Back to the book. The layout is nice. The book features the full script sheet music All I need to do know is learn to read it and play it 🙂 and Lyrics for all the songs. The Forward is by Captain Hammer he has a real time recalling Penny’s name! The afterward is by NPH. It is printed on thick glossy paper and has never before seen pictures.

This has completed my Dr Horrible Collection. Below are the links to the DVD OR Blu-Ray, Soundtrack, and the book on AMAZON!





12th book in the series

Hopeful Farms suffers a terrible  loss when one of the barns is lost in a blaze! Can the Black come out of retirement and win the money needed to rebuild the barn. Can he beat the younger horses that he will race against in the Brooklyn Handicap?

The Black is out to stud and has sired some amazing horses. His son Satan and his daughter Black Minx who when we last saw her she had won the Kentucky Derby. Does she have the speed and want to finish her run for the triple crown. (The Preakness and the Belmount stakes.) Has Black Minx found love?

For more information on the Black Stallion series and Walter Farley and a just all around fun site

Also a new Book by Steven Farley will be released on june  28!  THE BLACK STALLION AND THE LOST CITY

First book in the series

This book is based off the USA Network Series Burn Notice  it follows Michael Weston a spy (Who drives a awsome 1974 Dodge  Charger!) who has received a Burn Notice from the government, no job no money and has been dumped in Miami FL. With the help of his ex-girlfriend Fiona and friend Sam (Who has informed on him to the F.B.I. ) and his family (When he is desperate) He hopes to track down those responsible for his Burn Notice.

In this first novel in the series we follow Michael as he helps Cricket O’Connor After she falls for a man who has returned from a hush-hush mission  from the government who suddenly disappears along with her money! Is he the man she thinks he is? Will Michael be  able to find him along with the money? Also Someone  in our government has hired a assassin to kill Michael To Find out more on the on the books visit the PUBLISHER’S site

The Fix Augest 2008
The End Game May 2009
The giveaway july 2010
The Reformed Jan 2011
The Bad Beat July 2011

Note: This takes place after the season 5 episode My Bloody Valentine. Is also BEFORE the Apocalypse.  If you need a refresher you should watch the episode before reading. I did.

The Winchesters are still on the hunt for Lucifer and find themselves in South Dakota to help in the search for a missing boy and then began seeing Apocalyptic signs. They then come across an angel named Don who guards Lucifer’s cage. that tells them that there is something in the Dead Sea Scrolls that the Devil doesn’t want them to know about .He sends them back to 1954 to find it.
As they  search Sam and Dean find that they are not the only ones looking for the scroll. Will they be able to get past its guards and find out what is inside?
I was unable to put this book down. Lets just say without giving anything else away that something unexpected  happens to Dean Winchester 🙂
Supernatural Books  All dates in ( ) are not yet released as of date of Posting to blog

Publisher Titan Books
Supernatural Companions seasons 1-5 by Nicholas Knight
Season 6 ( Sep 27th 2011)
Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon by Keith R.a. Decandido
Supernatural: The Unholy Cause by Joe Schreiber
Supernatural: War of the Sons  by Rebecca Dessentine & David Reed
Supernatural: Coyotes Kiss  by Crista Faust ( July 12th 2011)
Supernatural: One Year Gone by Rebecca  Dessertine (May 24th 2011)
Supernatural:Night Terror by John Passarella Sep 13th 2011)

Publisher HarperEntertainment
Supernatural: Nevermore by  Keith R.a. Decandido
Supernatural: Witch’s Canyon by Jeff  Mariotte
Supernatural: Bone Key by Keith R.a. Decandido